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We partner with exceptional businesses that share our values of inspiring and empowering women to live their best lives. We appreciate each and every partners contribution to Fave Lifestyle.

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What’s L O V E… got to do with it?

Mitzi breaks down how LOVE affects your business and life and how you can help you clients own their space. How you can be your own Wonder Woman and decide how you want to show up in the world.

Connect Your Story to God’s Love

Deanna is an inspirational writer and motivational speaker who help women of faith connect their personal stories to larger lessons in life and faith. Although our stories may seem ordinary to us, Deanna helps her clients realize the importance of those stories to the bigger picture.

Tell the World Who You Are Through Fashion

Visit Elizabeth Lambert Designs for an amazing personal shopping experience. Elizabeth helps women find the beauty hidden in their hearts through amazing fashion.

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Providencia Pond Retreat


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Elizabeth Lambert Designs 


Home and Life

Owner, Fave Lifestyles


Karen Rae

I was becoming an empty nester, a woman of a more interesting age and in transition. Sound familiar? I was at that place where we question our purpose, value, and worth and what in the world are we going to do with the rest of our lives.

I noticed women have a huge hunger to belong to a community of women where they can feel safe, share openly from their heart and have other women to do life with! This is why I created my Fave Lifestyles.

Fave is for the woman who wants to call Fave her community of women who support, uplift, and make her feel better about herself. I want to create a place where we help her answer life’s questions and just do life together!

Let’s Do Life Together at Fave Lifestyles

Home and Life Resources

Ilanna Yagudayev, Agent
Ilana Yagudayev

The goal of our agency is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. To provide the best possible service to you and to make sure you have the information you need to make the best decisions to properly insure your family. We want to be your agent for life. My staff and I are always available to help with any insurance questions you may have and are happy to help. We take pride in meeting your needs and will always strive to do our best.days.

Marcea Galindo

At MG Event Design, your event is our passion! From large weddings to small, intimate gatherings, we handle the details by effortlessly and seamlessly executing your vision, so you can make memories to last a lifetime.


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Do you share our vision of a community of women living their best lives? Do you believe that women are happiest when they have a community of like minds women supporting, inspiring and empowering them? If so, we would love to have you as a resource!


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