Create an Evening Self-Care Routine

Create an Evening Self-Care Routine

You have probably read a lot of creating morning routines to set your day up for success. We even have an article on our site all about adding the Miracle Morning to your life her at Fave Lifestyles. A morning routine is awesome and totally necessary, but what about an evening self-care routine that ends your day on a good note? We think that is necessary as well. Here are the things we think you should think of including in your bedtime routine.

Get Away from the Screens

First, and most important, get away from screens 60 minutes before you are going to sleep. The light off of screens delays sleep. So, if you are looking at your phone while you are lying in bed, it will take a while to fall asleep.

Reflect on the Day

We all have good days and not so good days. Often, when we craw into bed our minds are still going a mile a minute and it is really hard to unwind. Journaling is a great way to unpack the day, do some reflection and attempt to let it all go. After you have gotten your thoughts out of your head and onto paper it is easier to relax and go to sleep.

Bed Time Beauty Routine

An evening beauty routine is just as important as your morning routine. It is necessary to take your make-up off and brush your teeth but you can also add something else in that you enjoy like a bath, a face mask or simply putting lotion on that you love. Choose something that is a little treat and you will want to do every night.

Create A Calming Sleep Space

Spend some time and money creating a lovely and calm sleep space. We spend a large portion of our lives in bed, so make sure you have a good matters, pillows and great linens. You can also find lovely linen sprays that have calming scents like lavender that relax the body.

Wind Down Activity

Choose an activity that helps you wind down before sleep. Reading is a great activity to calm down the brain and relax. You can also listen to soft music or a sleep story, something that really helps your brain slow down and prepare for sleep.

By creating a bedtime self-care routine, you reward yourself for another great day and set yourself up for a great night sleep!

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What is Hygge and How to Add it to Your Life

What is Hygge and How to Add it to Your Life

If you spend any time online you may have come across the Danish concept of living Hygge. Today we want to explore this idea and give you some ideas of how to incorporate it into your life. Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish concept cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. So, how do you add more hygge to your life? Here are some simple suggestions that would be easy additions to any home.


Use candles and lamps to create warm and comforting lighting throughout your home. When Danish people are asked about what makes up Hygge in the home lighting is top of the list. Through the use of candles and lamps you can create a cozy feeling space that invites you to curl up and relax.

Create Coziness

Another way to inject hygge into your home is to create coziness through your furniture, throw blankets and pillow. You want your space to feel like it is begging for you to grab a book, a cup of tea and snuggle up under a soft blanket.

Get Together With Friends

Not only is hygge about being cozy in your home, it is about spending time with those we love. You don’t have to throw huge parties or over the top gatherings. Instead create intimate social gatherings in your home. Invite a friend over to catch up and have a glass of wine by a roaring fire. Create a monthly dinner club where everyone brings a dish. The goal is to have time with your friends not spend a fortune.

Get off Your Devices

This goes hand in hand with getting together with friends. Get off those devices! I cannot tell you how many times I am in a restaurant and see a group of friends who are all looking at their phones. Be present with the people who are spending time with you. Nothing on your phone is as important as the people in front of you.

Remember that living hygge is about living simply. It is not about being extravagant but in taking pleasure in the things in life that really bring you happiness. Look at your home and think about using it for living instead of a place to store a bunch of stuff you do not love. Look at your home and your life and see where you can create some hygge in your life.

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What is Intentional Living & How to Do It

What is Intentional Living & How to Do It

You may have heard a lot of talk about intentional living or being intentional. It is a popular concept right now and although it may seem like a new fad it is really a great way to appreciate the life you have while working toward the life you dream of.

What is Intentional Living

Intentional living has been defined as any lifestyle based on an individual or group’s conscious attempts to live according to their values and beliefs. These can include lifestyles based on religious or ethical values, as well as coaching, personal transformation, and leadership training. (Wikipedia)

To put it into simpler words it is living a life that fulfills and enriches you every day. This means focusing on the things that matter and letting go of the things that don’t.

Why It is an Important Practice

Intentional living is the quickest path to getting rid of the stresses and pressures that weigh on us every day but we think are just a part of life. If you are living intentionally, you say yes to what you love and no to what brings you down. Now, you can’t say no to everything you dislike! Laundry still needs to get done and you have to do certain things that may not be at the top of your fun list, but there are things that are 100% in your control to be intentional about.

Let’s take the example of having a hectic morning. If your day starts with your kids waking you or your alarm goes off with just enough time to through yourself together and get out the door, you are setting your day up to feel rushed. If you change your morning to a more intentional routine, where you have time to read or journal or exercise you are changing the tone of your morning. You can create a routine around what is important to you and do it intentionally every morning.

Being intentional means taking stock of what you want your life to look and feel like and figuring out ways to move toward that goal. It also means adjusting other activities in your life that are not serving your goal. Do you want to spend more time with your family but you are too busy with outside obligations? By intentionally choosing where you spend your time you can create the time for what you want to fill your life with.

Five Ways to Be More Intentional In Your Life

  1. Create a morning routine to start your day off right (link to MM post)
  2. Express gratitude every day, it can be easy to take what we have for granted. By appreciating what we have you shift into a grateful mindset.
  3. Create keystone habits. These are small habits you do every day like making your bed, working out in the morning. These foundational habits help create a day full of intentional actions.
  4. Write a letter to your future self. This letter should outline what you want your life to look like. How you spend your time, where you volunteer, etc. Use this letter to guide the choices you make. If something does not line up with your letter, think carefully about taking on that obligation.
  5. Create time in your life. Living Intentionally is not meant to give you more time to accomplish more. When we are overscheduled, we can lose sight of our intentionality. Make sure there is white space in your life to just be.

When you are evaluating your life and trying to be more intentional remember that how we spend our days is how we spend our life. By creating more intentionality, we can spend more time on the things and with the people we love and this makes for a happier and more fulfilling life.

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Decluttering and Organizing Your Home for Spring

Decluttering and Organizing Your Home for Spring

Has anyone been watching Tidying Up on Netflix? Decluttering and getting rid of things that do not bring you joy is all the rage right now. To the point, that second-hand stores have been overwhelmed with donations and if you are a thrifter it is a great time to be out shopping.

Even if you are not ready to go full Marie Kondo on your belongings, spring is a great time to clean out unwanted items and start the new season with a clean and decluttered home. We have a simple strategy for decluttering and organizing room by room.

Empty the Space

The first step is to pick a room and completely empty the space. It may seem like a lot of effort, but by removing everything from the room you avoid just creating piles and burning out. So, empty the entire space and start from scratch.

Create a Vision

Your next step is to figure out what your vision is for the room. Are you turning a guest room into an office? A family room into a guest room? Before you start filling your room back up with stuff have a clear vision of your end goal. If you do not have a clear vision your room will end up right back where you started, cluttered and full of stuff you do not actually want.

Sort, Sort, Sort

Next, start sorting everything from the room into two piles; keep and out the door. The things in the keep pile will either go back into the room or will be found a home somewhere else in your house. The out the door pile are items that will either be leaving in the trash or you will donate or sell.

Deal With the Out the Door Pile

Although you may want to get right to organizing the room you should start with the out the door pile. Sift through and determine what is trash, what could be useful to someone else and what is valuable enough to sell. From here take out the trash, make a trip to a thrift store and list or consign what you want to sell.

Rebuild and Organize

Finally, you start working on your room. Bring in items from your keep pile that help you achieve your vision for the room. When you bring an item in, make sure it has a place in the room. No piles in desk drawers and unsorted boxes hidden in the closets. Every item needs a home. If there are items in your keep pile that did not make the new room but still need a home, find a place for them somewhere else in your house.

This process may be time intensive based on the size of the room and the amount of stuff you have, but it is well worth the effort. It is very freeing to have less clutter and start the spring season with less stuff you do not need in your life.

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Forgiving Yourself Before You Can Forgive Others

Forgiving Yourself Before You Can Forgive Others

As a Forgiveness Coach and author of the book Forgive Yourself, Brenda Reiss believes that forgiveness is a truly sacred act. She knows from experience that no matter how far we’ve been or how far we have left to go, forgiveness can transform our pain into peace and free us to live unapologetically joyful lives.

For Brenda, life has been a series of painful trials. As a survivor of abuse, addiction, divorce, major health issues and more, she’s risen from the ashes of these experiences to discover that recovery is not a destination– it’s a process. Through the healing process, it is the forgiveness work that forever changed her from victim into victor in the story of her life.

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